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ImageInventory#TitleDetailsPriceNew Price
48E373Asprey Gold "X" EarringsShow Info$1,650
48R350Ruby Sapphire Band RingShow Info$3,250
48A349Ruby Sapphire Cuff BraceletShow Info$9,500
48N343Van Cleef Gold Diamond Oval Link NecklaceShow Info$27,500
48E363Elizabeth Locke Intaglio EarringsShow Info$3,250
48E276Green Tourmaline Scroll EarringsShow Info$2,250
46E848Fancy Yellow Diamond 4.80 EarringsShow Info$16,500
48C2801960s Gold Bar CufflinksShow Info$1,250
47A979Seaman Schepps Diamond Blue Stone BraceletShow Info$4,250
48E298Gold Spray Ropework EarringsShow Info$1,250
48E291Floral Citrine Diamond EarringsShow Info$2,750
48W330Bulgari Octo Roma Stainless Steel WatchShow Info$4,750
47R314Sea Life Rose Quartz RingShow Info$3,250
48C320Mother of Pearl Button CufflinksShow Info$1,250
48R241Round Brilliant 3.75 Eternity BandShow Info$5,750
48A318Pair Gold Diamond BanglesShow Info$4,250
48A250Van Cleef Gold Sapphire Ropework Link BraceletShow Info$10,500
48N310Tiger Eye Black Onyx NecklaceShow Info$7,750
48R242Cartier Gold C de Cartier BandShow Info$2,250
48A317Pair Gold Sapphire BanglesShow Info$4,250
48R293Gold Diamond Dome RingShow Info$3,250
48B305Ruby Diamond Owl BroochShow Info$3,250
48E278Tiffany Gold Swirl EarringsShow Info$1,850
48N263Diamond Rivière NecklaceShow Info$4,250
48A234French Gold Diamond BraceletShow Info$12,500
48E2321960s Gold Diamond Spray EarringsShow Info$3,250
44B681Spritzer and Furhman Ropework Brooch PendantShow Info$4,750
48R301Buccellati Foliage BandShow Info$6,500
48E240Henry Dunay Textured Scroll EarringsShow Info$2,750
47E715Paolo Costagli Tourmaline Stud EarringsShow Info$850
47A925Italian Yellow Gold Diamond BraceletShow Info$4,350
48S228Pair Asian Court Figure BroochesShow Info$1,650
47W993Cartier Rectangular Dial WatchShow Info$3,250
48R266Checkerboard White Gold Diamond RingShow Info$2,750
48C004Gold Boule CufflinksShow Info$750
48E082Pink Sapphire Diamond EarringsShow Info$750
47E698Pomellato Nudo EarringsShow Info$1,100
47A832Italian Rose Gold Diamond BraceletShow Info$4,250
48B267Aquamarine Diamond Flower BroochShow Info$4,750
48R051Double Snake Head RingShow Info$1,650
47C792Judith Ripka Intaglio CufflinksShow Info$1,650
48A036Lalaounis Gold BangleShow Info$2,950
47R978Amethyst Diamond RingShow Info$3,250
48W259Cartier Bagnoire Gold Diamond WatchShow Info$9,750
48W008Bulgari Stainless Steel WatchShow Info$950
47W981Bulgari Quadrato WatchShow Info$950
48M047Austrian Gold Coin PendantShow Info$1,950
45C738Tri-color Gold Disc CufflinksShow Info$850
48A030Gold Pearl Diamond Cuff BraceletShow Info$6,750
48R105Tiffany Initial Signet RingShow Info$1,250
48N238Carved Jade Gold Diamond Link NecklaceShow Info$10,500
48N226German Gold Diamond Curb Link NecklaceShow Info$16,500
48E197Mish Tanzanite EarringsShow Info$3,750
47N341Buccellati Rooster Pendant BroochShow Info$7,500
48B043Modernist Black Onyx Gold BroochShow Info$2,250
45W031Art Deco Rectangular WatchShow Info$2,750
48R022Tiffany Bloodstone Intaglio Signet RingShow Info$1,250
47R571Gold Crest Signet RingShow Info$1,250
48N183David Webb Fluted Oval Link NecklaceShow Info$27,500
47W802Blancpain Villeret Gold WatchShow Info$2,950
47B966Seaman Schepps Shell BroochShow Info$1,650
48R106Smoky Quartz RingShow Info$1,250
48A049French Empire Gold Coin BraceletShow Info$1,650
44W277Cartier Santos Ronde Gold WatchShow Info$5,750
47E619Large Diamond Hoop EarringsShow Info$5,500
46B654Ruby and Diamond Ribbon ClipShow Info$27,500
48N111Nautical Chain Gold NecklaceShow Info$6,750
47W800Piaget Polo Gold Diamond WatchShow Info$10,500
43R022Wide Triple Row Diamond BandShow Info$3,900
38C110Tiffany Gold CufflinksShow Info$1,250
47A778Italian Fluted Oval Link BraceletShow Info$5,500
47R735Rectangular Sapphire Diamond RingShow Info$1,250
48A203Art Deco Three Panel BraceletShow InfoCall for Price
46R416Sapphire Diamond Moi et Toi RingShow Info$8,750
48B009"Sputnik" Emerald Diamond Pendant BroochShow Info$2,250
47W992Bulgari Pocket WatchShow Info$2,750
48W180Patek Philippe Calatrava Gold WatchShow Info$6,500
47E766Citrine Stud EarringsShow Info$1,650
47B807Art Deco Diamond Pendant BroochShow Info$3,250
46W857Cartier Santos Dumont WatchShow Info$4,750
47R685Paolo Costagli Citrine RingShow Info$3,650
46W761Piaget Gold Diamond Pearl WatchShow Info$10,500
46N4191970s Hamsa NecklaceShow Info$16,500
47B7141940s Cartier Stars Stripes BroochShow Info$2,250
48E031Gold Diamond Pearl Drop EarringsShow Info$3,250
46W921Piaget Polo Gold WatchShow Info$7,750
47R839Yellow Sapphire BandShow Info$1,750
47A676Wide Woven Gold BraceletShow Info$8,500
46W425Cartier Tank Americaine White Gold WatchShow Info$10,500
44W556Rolex President Gold WatchShow Info$6,750
47R091Art Deco Old European 2.20 RingShow Info$12,500
47R527Art Deco Ceylon Sapphire Diamond RingShow Info$32,500
48A136White Gold Diamond Disc Cuff BraceletShow Info$1,650
47R095Mauboussin Pearl Diamond RingShow Info$2,750
47E224South Sea Pearl Diamond Pendant EarringsShow Info$13,750
47E532Yellow Diamond Oval Hanging EarringsShow Info$37,500
48A137Gold Diamond Disc Cuff BraceletShow Info$1,650
46R207Gold Diamond Bombe BandShow Info$2,250
48N028Enamel Gold Long Chain NecklaceShow Info$8,750
47A7221950s French Diamond BraceletShow Info$32,500
47R642Fancy Yellow 12.28 Eternity BandShow Info$37,500
47B750Tiffany Picasso Squiggle BroochShow Info$1,450
47B751Tiffany Picasso X BroochShow Info$1,950
48R125Carnelian Citrine Bombe RingShow Info$450
48R107Lapis Sapphire Bombe RingShow Info$1,250
48A099Tiffany Schlumberger Blue Enamel BraceletShow Info$16,500
48A115Italian Hexagonal Wide BraceletShow Info$5,500
44W637Cartier Trinity WatchShow Info$9,500
47W408Vacheron Constantin Oval WatchShow Info$3,250
45A640Italian Floral Foliate Link BraceletShow Info$1,650
47R736Amethyst Peridot Three Stone RingShow Info$2,250
47E388Blue Enamel Scrolling EarringsShow Info$2,750
47A090Italian Florentine Gold BraceletShow Info$4,750
46E062Van Cleef Gold Diamond Bow EarringsShow Info$8,750
47N345Buccellati Tourmaline Wood NecklaceShow Info$22,500
46E158Fluted Nephrite Jade EarringsShow Info$2,750
46B3331940s French Ribbon BroochShow Info$1,900
40W535Gucci White Enamel WatchShow Info$7,750
21E814Tiffany Schlumberger Pearl Enamel EarringsShow Info$3,750
47R684Paolo Costagli Pink Tourmaline RingShow Info$8,750
47E129Cummings Tourmaline Jade EarringsShow Info$5,750
47B066Gold Diamond Bow BroochShow Info$3,250
47A6111960s Gemset Charm BraceletShow Info$7,500
47A378Cartier Gold Diamond Love BraceletShow Info$9,500
46W111Cartier Gold Diamond WatchShow Info$5,500
46E380Kieselstein-Cord Sombrero EarringsShow Info$5,500
46B650Gold Diamond Ribbon BroochShow Info$4,250
46A532Van Cleef Enamel Charm BraceletShow Info$22,500
45W5381940s Tiffany Gold Diamond WatchShow Info$3,250
45B852Black Enamel Curb Link BroochShow Info$1,150
45B7451940s Lemon Citrine BroochShow Info$1,950
47A113Figure Eight Link BraceletShow Info$7,750
44W884Hermès Kelly WatchShow Info$1,250
47B443Poodle Gem Set BroochShow Info$1,650
47A019Chalcedony Link BraceletShow Info$3,250
46R916Zadora Citrine Yellow Diamond RingShow Info$8,750
46R725Wood Gold RingShow Info$750
45R911Italian Rose Gold Diamond RingShow Info$6,750
47E718Ippolita Crystal Drop EarringsShow Info$1,650
47E717Green Agate Drop EarringsShow Info$550
47N686Paolo Costagli Aqua Pendant NecklaceShow Info$6,500
47A411Angela Cummings Organic BraceletShow Info$5,500
47B471Elizabeth Gage Goldfish BroochShow Info$5,750
46W964Textured Gold Bracelet WatchShow Info$6,750
46E706Andrew Clunn Fluted Dome EarringsShow Info$6,750
46B642Andrew Clunn Aqua Pendant BroochShow Info$6,500
34B3431930s Multicolored Sapphire BroochShow Info$37,500
47N339Cartier Turtle Brooch PendantShow Info$6,500
47N928Rivière 25.00 Diamond NecklaceShow Info$42,500
47N466Heart Pavé Diamond PendantShow Info$4,750
38N448Emerald Cut 3.01 Diamond PendantShow InfoCall for Price
47R492Tiffany Claflin Lapis Diamond RingShow Info$16,500
47E608David Webb Gold Diamond EarringsShow Info$10,500
Gold Bridge Game Money ClipShow Info$2,750
39R639Emerald Cut 1.06 RingShow Info$10,500
41E810Gold Diamond Foliate EarringsShow Info$5,750
42C631Lapis Fluted Gold CufflinksShow Info$1,250
39R645Emerald Cut 2.56 RingShow Info$39,500
44N409Cartier Lapis Mother-of-Pearl PendantShow Info$22,500
29B1141940s Flower Spray BroochShow Info$12,250
44B850Pair Pavé Diamond Scroll BroochesShow Info$12,500
37B097Oval Emerald Bombe BroochShow Info$12,500
45E340Gold Diamond Fluted Dome EarringsShow Info$4,750
45R426Art Deco Asscher Cut 5.45 RingShow InfoCall for Price
45B817Gold Diamond Knot BroochShow Info$2,450
44C190Mikimoto Gold Pearl CufflinksShow Info$1,350
45R280South Sea Pearl Emerald Diamond RingShow Info$3,100
40B367Classical Mythology Cameo BroochShow Info$1,650
45B575Medieval Performers Cameo BroochShow Info$1,150
46B364Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Bar BroochShow Info$6,500
46A647Art Deco Sapphire Diamond BraceletShow Info$12,000
46E477Fancy Yellow Diamond EarringsShow Info$77,500
46E956Pavé Diamond Cluster Leaves EarringsShow Info$5,400
47W324Cartier Gold Diamond WatchShow Info$15,500
46R230Cartier Ruby Diamond Bombe RingShow Info$5,500
47B444Shih Tzu Dog BroochShow Info$1,050
47A578Cartier Gold Diamond BraceletShow Info$8,950
47R016Art Deco Sapphire Diamond RingShow Info$8,650
47R067Emerald Diamond Cluster RingShow Info$2,150
46R0291950s Emerald Diamond RingShow Info$26,500
47E546Salavetti Gemstone EarringsShow Info$3,250
47C476Cuban Coin CufflinksShow Info$2,250
Citrine Pocket Watch Key PendantShow Info$2,250
30A5121940s Gemset Tubogas BraceletShow Info$8,750
46C171French Lapis Lazuli CufflinksShow Info$950
46W433Piaget Black and Gold WatchShow Info$4,750
46R362Tiffany Schlumberger "X" RingShow Info$1,950
47R618Artistic Tanzanite RingShow Info$7,750
47E670Van Cleef Black Onyx EarringsShow Info$9,750
44A003Italian Braided Link BraceletShow Info$4,750
47W119Piaget Polo WatchShow Info$1,650
47B536Seaman Schepps Fan BroochShow Info$3,250
47E429Cummings Aventurine EarringsShow Info$3,950
45N961Chile Coin PendantShow Info$2,750
David Webb Fluted EarringsShow Info$8,750
46E736Enameled Dog EarringsShow Info$2,250
47E387Marcella Asian Figure EarringsShow Info$3,750
38R734Art Deco 1.07 Diamond RingShow Info$7,500
47B648Van Cleef Nerval Wood BroochShow Info$19,500
45E934Verdura Black Jade EarringsShow Info$9,750
47B609David Webb Rosebud BroochShow Info$8,750
43W936Tiger Eye Diamond WatchShow Info$5,750
41E445Italian Foliate Drop EarringsShow Info$2,250
46A883Green Shagreen Star CuffShow Info$1,950
46W427Cartier Diablo WatchShow Info$3,950
47A607David Webb Foliate BraceletShow Info$22,500
44A072Gemset Braided BraceletShow Info$12,500
46E803Green Onyx Diamond EarringsShow Info$3,250
47A929French Leopard BangleShow Info$7,750
47A725Multicolored Sapphire BraceletShow Info$12,500
47A012Basketweave Gold BraceletShow Info$3,650
47R554Bulgari Citrine RingShow Info$2,250
45R901Art Deco Old European Cut 2.52 RingShow Info$19,500
47R515Art Deco Asscher Cut 1.01 RingShow Info$6,500
47R683Tiffany Square Emerald Cut 2.35 RingShow InfoCall for Price
43R661Diamond Three Stone 2.60 RingShow Info$33,500
47N011Spiga Link Gold NecklaceShow Info$1,650
45N3721940s Brick Link Chain NecklaceShow Info$2,250
47C475Turquoise Gold Mesh CufflinksShow Info$1,450
45C434Tiffany 1940s Ruby Gold CufflinksShow Info$1,150
44E986Tahitian South Seal Pearl EarringsShow Info$1,250
46E628Emerald and Diamond Half Hoop EarringsShow Info$1,650
47E441South Sea Pearl Drop EarringsShow Info$1,950
47E038Gold and Mabe Pearl EarringsShow Info$1,750
46E699Ribbed Gold Dome EarringsShow Info$1,250
47B327Pearl and Ruby Flower BroochShow Info$1,250
46R383White Gold Gem Set BandShow Info$1,250
47R039Mabe Pearl Gold ringShow Info$1,750
46R919South Sea Pearl and Diamond RingShow Info$2,250
47R447Mabe Pearl and Diamond RingShow Info$1,500