Gem X

Gem X is a private social club for jewelry enthusiasts, and they’ve been hosting a great series of webinars, which we discovered while working remotely. These GemFlix online chats cover a range of topics and guests, and all of them have been fascinating and very worthwhile. You can join Gem X, view their newsletter, and […]

Garlic Expressions

Garlic Expressions

Years ago, a dear friend of Gus’s, Marianne Mebane, introduced us to a delicious product called Garlic Expressions and we’ve been using it ever since! It’s a classic vinaigrette dressing that you can use for salads, meats, vegetables, and pasta. It is made with whole garlic cloves and is cholesterol and gluten free. My favorite way to […]

Misfits Market

Misfits Market

I discovered Misfits Market on a creative subway ad last year. Their slogan is “always fresh, sometimes normal”. They deliver organic produce to your door, for significantly less than supermarket prices. They source from crops rejected by big retailers because they are too big or too small or irregularly shaped. People have been posting pictures […]

ASJH’s “Jewelry Nibbets”


If you love jewelry, history, or both (like us), then be sure to check out the American Society of Jewelry Historians‘ Instagram page. Each day, they publish “nibbets”, or brief pieces of jewelry history, along with fascinating images. These “nibbets” are also sent to ASJH members via email. We thought this was such a fun […]

Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience

Oprah and Deepak

I have been practicing meditation for several years and I find the most helpful and easy for all levels is Deepak Chopra’s Meditation app. He and Oprah Winfrey have a series that is quite wonderful. Oprah Winfrey gives a short introduction and Deepak Chopra gives you a mantra and leads you into meditation. Each is […]