Dim Sum Palace

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Ed and I were treated to a wonderful lunch by our friends Angelina and Sharon the other day. They brought us food from Dim Sum Palace on 56th Street, and it was very, very good. Some of our favorites were the shrimp dumplings, the spring rolls, and their noodles with beef. They have four locations […]

Ampia & Atla

Ampia Atla 2

As more New York City restaurants are opening for outdoor dining, I want to do my best to support them by trying at least one a week. Two that have stood out are: Ampia Rooftop and Gnoccheria Rooftops are prime real estate in a busy city, and Ampia is special. They have installed glass greenhouses […]

Il Posto Accanto

Il Posto Accanto

Finding my favorite restaurant reopening for outside dining was like finding treasure. Il Posto Accanto is a hidden gem in the East Village of New York. A tiny space with no more than 10 tables, it now occupies the sidewalk and some of the streets on East 2nd. Il Posto has been there for 25 years and […]